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Connect4 is the rising star of English language institutes in the Santander province of Colombia. With its humble origins and its remarkable visions, it has really grown into one of the finest language centers in the province. The institute always pushes for improvement and high quality materials and staff. Connect4 has a very fun and dynamic methodology which puts into play a large amount of interactive resources and educational games. It always has small class sizes to ensure learning, and a sense of community among the classes. The professors truly care and are able to attend to the needs and desires of their students. Not only does Connect4 search for native English or high level English teachers, but it also searches for remarkable and fun people. The quest for excellence is what has turned this small institute into what it is today.



 Inglés en San Gil 


Connect4 has two very effective programs: one for adolescents ranging from 12 to 16 years old, and the other for those who are 17 years or older. The programs are both conversationally and relationally focused. Thanks to the small groups of 4 to 8 students we are able to create a relaxed, stimulating, and highly interactive environment. Our excellent professors help to hone the communicative skills of our students, in order to achieve their language goals in a short time.


Why work in San Gil?

What we look for in teachers

Connect4 prides itself in not only finding competent teachers, but also in finding excellent people. We look for teachers who can manage our methodology and our four points of Language, Culture, Friends, and Fun. We look for knowledgeable, kind, and outgoing individuals who are not afraid to make the students laugh while they learn. The relationship with the students is absolutely paramount for us, and we strive to find teachers that compliment those points.

Connect4 is located in San Gil, which is in the heart of Santander about 2 hours from the provincial capital of Bucaramanga. San Gil is a tranquil town with an exciting twist; it is home to many extreme sports and outdoor activities. 

It has everything that someone who loves nature and adventure can enjoy, as well as the security and tranquility of not being in a large city.

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